As I think about how I want to set out this blog, a couple of thoughts come to mind: how can I be different and how can I make this blog not seem like it’s going to be just another one. I’m not the most unique human being out there – in fact, I am a pretty average twenty-something. So I decided instead of trying so hard to be different, I will just do me. I will approach this blog without trying too hard and without trying to be something that I’m not. It might not be the most unique blog, the wittiest, and it definitely won’t have the most promising content – but it will be mine. It’s gonna be my way, and if you find that you like it, well, keep reading.

I’ve never been much of a writer, nor an expressive person but I find there’s something about writing and spelling out your thoughts and whatever there is in your mind. I’ve always kept the idea of starting a blog somewhere in my head – a platform to share your thoughts, your adventures, the food you eat and whatever the hell else you want to share. Would anyone even read it though?, I always say. Well as I get older, I care less and less about what the audience would think. I just want to share. And well, I believe I have a few things to share about what I eat, where I go and everything else. I want to write about them and if ever anyone reads my content and finds that it was somewhat interesting or at least learns something from it – then that is all I could ever want from this.


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