London in the snow

I absolutely love snowy London. I don't think I've ever seen snow this thick anywhere before which explains why I got so excited! The houses looked so pretty with the white blanket of snow. And the parks looked like a winter wonderland!


Copenhagen in February

I had such an awesome time in Copenhagen last week that I've been itching to write about it since I got on my flight back. Before my trip, everyone told me it's a really expensive city and that the Little Mermaid is a bit underwhelming. Something no one told me about however is how great… Continue reading Copenhagen in February

Day trip to Venice, Italy

I almost couldn't contain myself with excitement as the train approached the Venice Santa Lucia station. I'm finally gonna see Venice with my own eyes?! The romantic, quaint, picturesque Venice I've been dreaming of visiting? I got off the train and walked slowly but eagerly to see the city I've always daydreamed of. It's not… Continue reading Day trip to Venice, Italy

Cinque Terre, Italy

Let me jump straight to my first non-introductory post and talk about this colourful compound of villages in north-west Italy. Perhaps you've seen those small pastel houses all cluttered on a coast from a photo on Instagram and dreamed of your next holiday. Well a couple of years ago, I did exactly that. The first time I… Continue reading Cinque Terre, Italy